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Pocket Welting Machine With Stacker (Made In Germany)
      Model: A-100

This machine shortens the operating processes considerably. Apart from being used for straight or slanted trousers pockets as well as for inside, outside and breast welt pockets of men’s jackets and blazers the complete package now offers an even higher flexibility. The system works fully automatically and is extremely reliable due to the step motor technology. For changing the knives or maintenance work the complete knife station can be swivelled out by a singlemovement of the hand. Straight or slanted pocket shapes are freely programmable in a multitude of variants without mechanical adjustment of the corner knives. The result is a perfect seam quality due to displacement-free and flat sewing. In case of thread breakage the needle thread monitor puts the corner knives out of operation automatically and the machine stops sewing. The colour display with touch screen complies with the request for easy handling and quick access to modifiable parameters. All pocket parameters can be programmed without much time involved. The folders can be changed from double piping to single piping in a few seconds.


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